How long do oil changes take?

motor oil
Engine oil should be regularly replaced as instructed by the manufacturer.

How long do oil changes take? It will be around 15 – 45 minitues.


Why should you change engine oil?.

The engine oil circulates through the engine. It is done by the oil pump. The engine is a major component of your car. It has many more mechanical components. They are pistons, cam shaft, crank shaft, valves and etc. These components move very fast as engine rpm rises. 

With the time, long atom chains of engine oil degrade. After that it separates into short atom chains. Due to heat. It generates as a byproduct of the friction. 

Then degraded  oil is less efficient in lubricating. Improper oil change makes high friction into higher heat. Then components may seize.

So we have to perform regular services at correct time. It will differ by the manufacturer and the quality. As an example oil changes in every 5000 km or after 6 months. On which ever occur first basis.

Proper lubrication makes less friction.So it leads to less heat.With the time, engine worn particles can cause corrosion.Also it decreases the life of the engine. Proper maintenance removes engine worn particles and sludge.

Lack of engine lubrication leads to increased fuel consumption.So routine changes improves gas mileage.Proper maintenance makes the vehicle last longer.Dirty oil steals fuel economy and power. Also it makes components work harder. Then engine will have a shorter life span.

Right engine oil

Use of right oil increases life of the engine. As well as genuine oil filters. You may visit authorized dealer or distributor. Otherwise ensure about using oil and oil filters. Wrong oil may gives lack of lubrication. Wrong oil filter may gives lack of filtering. Also particles of filter paper may mix with oil. The cost may little high with genuine parts.But it pays back saving complete engine.

Further details,  Oil changes save vehicles Do It Yourself change oildiy oil change vid , 


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4 thoughts on “How long do oil changes take?

  1. Small question. I have heard your points previously. We have to change oil after 5,000km or 6 months.

    I can understand why after 5,000kms. But can you please explain why we need to change it after 6 months even though we have not drive single kilo meter in that 6 months?

    1. “I can understand why after 5,000kms. But can you please explain why we need to change it after 6 months even though we have not drive single kilo meter in that 6 months?”

      If engine oil exists same place over 6 months within the engine, engine oil chemically reacts with the metals and will be degraded.
      And also more likely it would be sludge.

    2. Engine oil is a mix of base crude oil and additives. if you are not running your engine, oil particles are deposits on your engine inside ( rockers, bearings, valves, etc ). it also called as oil sludge inside the engine. also after using the engine oil even one start, the properties of the engine oil getting low day by day. that is the reason manufacturers are not recommending to use engine oil for more than 6 months.

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