Nitrous oxide tank

How Nitrous works? All about Nitrous oxide tank

Compressed Nitrous stores in the Nitrous oxide tank in liquid medium. This tank opens to fuel system of the car. Nitrous increases ability to burn more fuel. So that increases engine power. Nitrous enters into combustion chamber. Then it breaks into Oxygen and Nitrogen gas at 300 °C. Therefore more Oxygen allows to burn more fuel. Nitrogen gas reduces heat of the piston. So it makes more efficiency

There are two types of Nitrous systems.Firstly Dry system which Injects NOS into air intake. Secondly Wet system which has two systems. They are Plate system and Fogger system.Plate system Injects Nos and fuel  by a plate. That locates within carb and intake manifold. Fogger system injects Nos and fuel  into individual intake ports.

Combustion chamber needs more fuel when there is Nitrous supply from Nitrous oxide tank. It prevents having a lean mixture.Nos system is controlled by a button which  uses by the driver.

Average bottle has a 5 or 10 kilograms of NOS. If it’s a V6 engine at 4000 RPM. It will be only 30 to 120 seconds of usage. It provides amazing power gains for engines which are naturally aspirated. But the rate of consumption of NOS is rapid. That’s why use of NOS is limited to some racing applications. They are street straight racing, drag racing and short duration racing. Maximum acceleration is the first priority for these sports not the endurance.

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