How To Use Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Tyre Repair Kit

When you face horrible situation with tyre puncture. First stop your vehicle in flat & safe location then then turn on hazard signal. If you’re in a highway, inform the relevant authorities before starting the tyre repair. Set the parking brakes firmly & switch off the plug-in Hybrid EV system. If any passengers inside the vehicle, ask them to get off from the vehicle.

Tyre Repair Kit
Tyre Repair Kit
  • Take out your tyre repair kit which has located in left side of your dicky.
  • Remove the valve cap (dust cap) from tyre valve and press the valve remover on to the valve. Allow all air in the tyre to escape.
  • Remove the valve from the rim by using valve remover. (turn anticlockwise). Keep removed valve in clean & unforgettable place. If your missed the valve you will be in great trouble. (before remove the valve, ensure all the air has left from the tyre. Otherwise valve can cause injury for yourself.
  • Take the sealant bottle and shake it well before use. (if the ambient temperature is less than 0 °C, tyre sealant might get hard to take out from bottle. Preheat the bottle before take out the sealant).
  • Take off the cap of tyre sealant bottle and screw the filler hose onto the bottle. Seal will be screwed by filler hose. No need to remove the seal before fix the filler hose.
Sealant bottle
Sealant bottle

Don’t shake the bottle after fixing the filler hose. Sealant may come out from the hose

  • Press the hose onto the tyre valve and hold the sealant bottle upside down. Squeeze it again and again to fill all the sealant into the punctured tyre

While injecting sealant to the tyre, position the valve away from the bottom of the tyre. Otherwise it will be difficult to inject the sealant into the tyre

  • Once finish the injecting, pull the hose off from the valve and clean the valve, rim & tyre by using cloth. Then fix the valve to the rim by using valve remover ( turn clockwise). Turn the valve remover by hand, don’t use any tool. It could be damage the valve.

After injecting, carefully fix the valve remover in to the end of filler hose to prevent sealant leakage from bottle

  • Take out the compressor hose from compressor & carefully attach to the tyre valve.
  • Place air compressor in clean place with its air pressure gauge on top position.
  • Plug the compressor power code into the accessory socket.
  • Turn on power switch in to ACC mode
  • Turn on the compressor and fill the air to the specified pressure.
Air Compressor Unit
Air Compressor Unit
  • Compressor designed for vehicles 12v power supply. Don’t use any other power source.
  • Compressor is not water proof or water resist.
  • Don’t run the compressor for more than 10 min. if compressor got overheated immediately switch off the compressor and let compressor cool down at least 30 min.
  • If the tyre pressure not rise to specified level within 10 min. sealant can’t be used to repair the tyre punch. Contact authorized dealer point.
  • Once tyre pressure rise to the specified level. Stow tyre repair kit in the vehicle and start driving vehicle to spread sealant eventually in the tyre.
  • Don’t exceed the vehicle speed above 80 kmph.

This is not a permanent solution, contact nearest authorized dealer or tyre service agent to repair your tyre

Once you used the sealant bottle, Purchase new one from nearest dealer

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