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Mitsubishi Warranty Things you don’t know

Mitsubishi Warranty covers all the product failures. Meanwhile not any failure due to customer abuses. In addition the wear and tear items will not cover under warranty. As they decay due to usage likewise brake pads, clutch plate and etc. There are main five warranty types. Let’s have an idea about each.

General Mitsubishi Warranty

When a customer buys a new vehicle from Mitsubishi he gets General warranty. There are main two parameters for this type. They are mileage and duration after the sold date. The Values of these parameters may change according to the country. For instance in Sri Lanka Mitsubishi Warranty has 4 years after the sold date or 100,000 km. Its based on whichever occur first.

The auxiliary battery got 1 year or 20,000 km. In addition the carrier charges will not cover.

Parts Mitsubishi Warranty

This considers when a vehicle performs a cash job under Mitsubishi. Those replaced parts will have 3 months or 6000 km warranty.

Recall Mitsubishi Warranty

A recall campaign conducts when Mitsubishi founds any product failure. That affects whole badge of products. After that Mitsubishi informs all the distributors.

What are the affected chassis numbers.

what is the reason for failure and remedy for it.

This will perform totally free regardless of mileage and the duration. Moreover safety related issues have more priority.

Extended Mitsubishi Warranty

This considers if there is a known product failure. Also if it’s not a safety related issue. This will allow few more years or mileage of warranty for specific parts. Distributors are able to attend these if the remedy is required.

Goodwill Warranty

This considers If the vehicle is out of warranty. Also the customer has maintained the vehicle in proper manner as expected by MMC. If any high valued part fails like engine, transmission, or differential. Also if its not a customer abuse. Customer is able to request for goodwill from MMC. After that MMC will decide what they are going to offer.

To sum up Mitsubishi Warranty  if you need any clarifications comment below. If it is helpful, please share your thoughts with us.

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