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Tesla Model 3 is the safest car in the world

Do you know the young and novel company Tesla has come forward by passing several giants in the field of the automobile as the most protective car models for passengers? This fact is not a strange thing to regular fans of Tesla.The data revealed by NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, clearly explain how the Teslas’s newest car is safer than others. So, the major companies have to agree with the statement that Tesla model 3 is the safest car in the world.

Model S and X named as the next two places in that list. Thus, it is amazing to hear this news on Tesla’s forward reactions by passing the giants who kept their records for decades by introducing technically advanced and safe car models. When you explore the facts in this, you may find Cameron’s videos on YouTube with clear visual feedback.

Tesla Model 3 is the safest car with a glass roof

Do you ever hear the glass roofs are safer than metal or specifically designed aluminium roofs? But, Tesla has tried it for its safety measures. So, the results were amazing than we expected in reality. It means when a car facing the collision the glass roof has to break down into small pieces.

But, They have used a thin plastic layer between two layers of glasses in the roof of this Model 3. Hence, even though the glasses break down, it will not separate into pieces and passenger is safe. So, it provides advanced safety measure than the things we can see in Mercedes, Subaru or Volvo.

Cameron’s reveal on Tesla Model 3 is The Safest Car

If you are a youtube lover, you can just follow Cameron’s videos published in Tech of Tech series. It clearly explains the safety precautions that have taken to save passenger in a big collision accident with animations. According to him the specific electric drivetrains used in Tesla cars are the major reason behind this safety inclusions.

The font zone of Tesla cars are extremely larger and the rear crumple areas are also the same as to this. But, it is too much advanced when compared to similar car models. So, it creates a middle safety area as a separate compartment to cover the passenger. Hence, the basic make of this car itself will work to save the people who are seating inside.

How advanced the battery system?

It has around a thousand-pound weighted floor-mounted charging system. So, it working to ensure the safety of the passengers in a number of ways. Further, the weight of this is spreading over the bottom line of the vehicle. Hence, it provides easy moving while reducing the risk of rolling. That is why it is very much easy to control the car when a collision force is there.


The outlook

In accordance with recent data, Tesla model 3 is the safest car in the world. Hence, they have kept this record by passing a number of giants who owing this records for years.This is due to the advanced electric drivetrains used in these makes.

Further, the great YouTuber Cameron clearly explains all these inclusions with his videos. So, you can follow them for further graphical evidence through sounds and views. It will provide more info on this to trust the data of NHTSA reports. Hence, start browsing more facts on this at this moment itself!

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