Will Electric trucks replace Diesel trucks?

Will Electric trucks replace Diesel trucks?

According to a new research, Electric trucks could be able to replace diesel ones. If we have to use extra batteries for freight that will make electric trucks are too expensive. A new research says that if fast charging networks are available for trucks, then there will be less cost than diesel consumption.

All around the world there are consumers shifting to electric cars. When consider March sales in UK, battery electric and plug in hybrid cars have made of 14% of the market. In Western Europe there were 700,000 battery powered cars sold in 2020.

when consider about heavy freight industry which produces 7% of global carbon emissions. Its an important issue for climate change.

There was a norm that Electric trucks will not be bale to cost competitive with diesel while Tesla and few other manufacturers steps into this market. According to the new study of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) fast charging is the key to establish commercially sound heavy freight battery powered lorries but its not about bigger batteries.

Usually heavy vehicles use more diesel per km than a lighter one. So if they switch to electricity, there is a huge saving potential. This kind of commercial fast chargers are not available at the moment though Governments who concerns about climate change might facilitate on this area. Large manufacturers expect proper fast charging networks in key areas before they move to electric trucks.

There is another alternative called hydrogen powered vehicles for heavy vehicles industry. But the price is the decider. The Battery prices are going down faster than the prices of hydrogen fuel cells.

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