xpander 4A91 knocking sound from engine

Xpander – 4A91 Knocking sound from engine

Applicable Vehicles


Knocking sound from the engine at idling condition.


Due to misalignment in inner diameter between connecting rod (big end) and connecting rod cap (cap shift).

Production Fix

Additional tightening process to rub the bolt seat surface of connecting rod bolts.
Effective E/G No: 4A91-JB2312
Effective VIN:

  • Xpander (DOM): MK2NCLHANLJ001786
  • Xpander (EXP): MK2LRNC1WLN014178
    Effective Date in MMKI:
  • Xpander (DOM): November 1, 2020
  • Xpander (EXP): October 15, 2020

Field Fix

Check and repair based on customer complaint basis.

  1. Check the occurrence of abnormal noise.
  2. If the problem is judged as cap shift, replace the connecting rod bearing from bearings size #2 to #3 (upper bearing) & #1 (lower bearing).

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